11 October 2011

Almost Wordless Tuesday

My little third generation refurb iPhone camera doesn't do bad, eh?

a touch of green

Not bad for a little camera phone!

Mill Creek

Mill Creek



  1. If all those shots are taken with your iPhone camera then all I can say is wow.

  2. Oh my greatness in one phone! If it did all those amazing shots, it's sure a keeper! Autumn at it's precious beauty....and still here!

  3. Beautiful Aspens. The put on quite a show this time of year.

  4. Not bad at all. What lovely subject matter. (I don't know how Golden, CO got its name but when I see these pictures I can't help wondering if the aspens had something to do with it.)

    I love those craggy bluffs in the second-to-last picture.

  5. Awesome for a camera phone! It looks like maybe you were in the San Juan's for the leaves? Whereever it was, it was gorgeous!


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