06 October 2011

Almost Wordless Thursday

...because I've been too busy to write.

cloud games



commuting to work via bicycle

not as stormy as it looks


autumn knocking on the door

oh, my


  1. I love your caption to the last photo, because it captures how I feel about these pictures. "Oh my!"

  2. You are so incredibly talented. I love the one with the rays shooting across the sky. Ahhh... needed that.

  3. Well like the sign read...you don't always needs words, especially when the views are like this!

  4. Deborah, Wait until you see what I am using my glueless snowflakes for! You will die of envy. I have 12 but I think I may need 18 or more, so I am in a snowflake frenzy.

  5. Susan, you've totally piqued my curiosity!!! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve. I bet it will be beautiful!

  6. I thought "cloud games" would be my favourite, but "glorious" is just that and takes my breath away. Thanks for sharing.

    Funny, I'm having a "too busy to write" week as well and have decided just to post autumn photos. Our two freezing nights kicked us into high fall colour gear and the trees are amazing right now.

  7. Brilliant colors and reflections. No words needed...

    I also love the reminder of summer with the beautiful flower photo. It's supposed to snow 4-8" here tomorrow after a dusting yesterday.

  8. I really like that last picture. :-)

  9. Those sunset photographs are just amazing. Took my breath away. I can only imagine how beautiful they were in person.


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