18 October 2011

I saw red

jagged gold

encroaching darkness

The storm was rapidly closing in on us. The sky was gray. The temperature was falling. Then the mouth of the canyon, to the north, began to glow. The Lizard raced across the slushy, snowy, muddy four-wheel drive road so I could capture the glorious crimson sunset.



crimson Cimarron

sky on fire

The sky was on fire. My camera was clicking non-stop. I was shivering, but I didn't care.

burning bush

not enough red hot to melt the snow

final dash of color

And then it happened. A sharp, red hot solar ray pierced the dense blanket of clouds and literally illuminated the jagged basin where we'd just been. If only we had stayed put!!!



  1. Sooo glorious. I love these pictures! <3 <3 <3 My favorite is the one you called "Burning Bush." So awesome!

  2. Thank you, this is amazing...

  3. Wowie zowie. The shots keep getting better. That last one is just unbelievably beautiful.

    What else is there to say? :)

  4. You really did see red! I think that seeing the jagged peaks in the red light might have been better than actually being in them. I love love love these photos!

  5. amazing. what a blessing to experience this show of light

  6. I love autumn colours. What a show! Sunny kisses...

  7. wow, what a ride. And such stunning sunset. All shots are special, but the last one.....it should be enlarged and put on a wall. :)


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