13 October 2011

Almost Wordless Thursday

a new coat

I took plenty of crocheting along to work on in the car, but I didn't get much done. I couldn't peel my eyes away from the gorgeous autumn scenery!

Cimarron Gold

first heavy snowfall of the season

black gold

autumn color won't last much longer now

likely the last weekend of glorious, radiant color

lots of rust this year after multiple overnight freezes

Turret Ridge


Mill Creek gold

final green of the year


take a bow


  1. Oh, I just love these gorgeous pics! The green frosted leaf is wonderful, as is all the mountain ranges. Thanks so much for posting them.

  2. The beauty is breathtaking. You always capture HIM at his finest. Thank you for sharing thee treasures. Have a wonderful, blessed day.

  3. I'm loving the 3rd to last. The frost makes such a lovely pattern.

  4. It looks like you got fresh snow while in the San Juans. Wow!!! I love the icy "snowflakes" that remind me of yours!

    I loved all the photos but that last one is a common sight that you turned into art with your camera. Wow!

    Your photography is an inspiration to me.

  5. I'm really not ready to look at snow yet...but you make it awfully easy on the eyes! So hard to see that glorious colour pass away. But if it lasted longer we might not appreciate it so much.

  6. Beautiful shots as usual, especially the pictures with the frost :)

  7. You've got snow?!?!? And - I can't blame you for not wishing to miss a single moment of that gorgeous scenery. Stunning!

  8. Amazing photos, wonderful scenery.

  9. Beautiful photos! I've been in the Utah mountains snapping pictures, but I can't seem to capture what my naked eye sees. So frustrating!

  10. the seasons changed quite a bit in one day


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