20 October 2011

Gothic Marble Revenge

Schofield Pass scenery

Last year, it took me two tries to get up Schofield Pass. This year, it took only one attempt.

I may not have made it up Pikes Peak, but my training for Pikes Peak has served me well. I can make it up Deer Creek Canyon without stopping. I finished all my Fall Blaze climbs without stopping. And two weekends ago, I made it up muddy, snowy, icy, slushy, wet and cold Schofield Pass in one ride. Non-stop climbs until about 9,000 feet, then climbs with gasping rest breaks above 9,000 feet for me, and then both of us walked our bikes the final eighth of a mile at the top (even The Lizard had to push his bike through the snow!). In spite of challenging terrain, I made it!

I need to finish my Gothic Marble sweater now!

cold and exhausted

roadway obstruction

The Lizard said: You look tired.

happy descent


Special thanks to The Lizard (shown below) for photos of me.

I love this shot


  1. you are so amazing. not just for the climb but for seeing the benefits of training after the disappointment. Life is more than one mountain!

  2. It looks cold at the top! Good job - that's a long climb. We're scheming about a trip so your photos of Schofield gave me more info about the snow situation. Of course, there's the hunter situation too starting this weekend...

    I'm glad that all that training is letting you do lots of fun stuff.

  3. gorgeous place, but I would never bike it. :)

    You have snow already. Even if it is beautiful....it´s far to soon. We have icy mornings but no snow yet.

  4. That snow looks dreadfully wintry ... too soon for me as well. Wonderful photos, especially the one with the lake behind you.

    Look how strong you are now! All that training really paid off. Just think how good you'll be next year...

    Don't tell me the Lizard wore shorts all the way to the top? Brrrr.

  5. Mrs. M,

    My wife thieves covers almost nightly, especially during the winter months; cold doesn't scare me.

    Kidding aside, in hindsight I should have at least worn knickers. It was somewhat of a warm day and we started well below snowline. The climb was warm. However, the descent to below snowline was chilly at times.


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