29 July 2010

My new bike!

My New Bike
First Test Ride
When I Grow Up, I Want to be Just Like You!
What do I want with a thread bicycle that can never climb a mountain??? It's going to hang on my Christmas tree along with all those snowflakes I've made!


  1. Very very cool! But, don't try to ride that one!

    What a multi-talented person you are. It's inspiring!

  2. Love it!! Especially the chain chain. Heehee.

  3. It`s cool here and cool in Ravelry :).

  4. So cool! Would love to see your Christmas tree this year with all those beautiful snowflakes!

  5. Brilliant! And I especially love how the chain wheel is really a snowflake too :-)

  6. Your crocheting is amazing! I love the cards too, you are a wonderful photographer as well. I loved your etsy site, when I'm working again and can afford it, :P, I will visit it again. :)

  7. I adore special Christmas ornaments and they don't get much more special and personal than that. It's beautiful! The tiny rider is so cute, too!

  8. That's great! Seeing the bear on there reminds me of one junior high Christmas when my parents got me a 10-speed and I couldn't even reach the pedals. I had to ride it practically sitting on the top tube. Bear will have to grow into this one. We have a tandem Christmas ornament but it's Hallmark and plastic. I like yours better. :)

  9. Hi - I recognize this is 10 years old, but wondering if you have the pattern for Thai that you might be willing to sell. I’m trying to make a bicycle (and cyclist) for my husband.


    1. Hi, Kerry. I haven't written a pattern for that one yet. I've wanted to... my husband would like one modeled after his bike, too. So I will try, but no promises. It's been a wild year...


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