22 July 2010

Oops, I did it again...

Pretty in PinkI must be crazy.

I signed up for yet one more bike ride this year.

This one's less than 50 miles, but it involves 7,000 feet of climbing. In a day. And a short section of dirt road. Oh, well, my road bike is part mountain bike now, right? I can do this, right?

Ever since I found out there are 14ers (mountains reaching 14,000 feet or higher), I've wanted to ride up Pikes Peak instead of hike it -- because there's a road. But bicycles have been forbidden.

Until now.

So here I go again. I must be nuts.
Pikes Peak Sunrise from Garden of the Gods


  1. WHAT 7,000 feet???
    Ok, I must admit that sound rather "nuts" for me hahhaa...

  2. Oh man, look at the colors! Awesome.

  3. No, you're not nuts, that's for sure. With scenery like in your outstanding photos, you'll have a blast!!

    Wow, those are amazing photos. My husband is talking about getting me a "real" camera (SLR) for when I'm not on my bike. When I see your photos, I think it might be worth it. However, I'm sure that your eye has a lot to do with how amazing they are.

  4. japp, youre crazy. Do you never rest?? Well, I´m crazy too, in January I am going to Costa Rica on a birding trip for 19 days. :)

    I wish we had some of those mountains over here.

  5. How flippin exciting!!! You'll take us with you, right?! FUN!


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