23 July 2010

Bunny Stew

PiercePierce Chilling in the GardenMeet Pierce. He came with the house. The neighbors tried for a couple of years before we moved in to trap Pierce and relocate him. The neighbors' dogs wanted to get in on the act, too, only they were more interested in permanently changing Pierce's molecular structure. That's how Pierce acquired the ear modification, hence the name.

We didn't mind Pierce nibbling on our grass. He stayed out of our way, and we stayed out of his.

Suddenly, a second bunny began munching on the grass. AND the flowers. The two bunnies were inseperable. Now we were worried. Well, perhaps perturbed is a better word. One plus one in bunny speak means way more than than two, and we did not want our home to become the bunny soup kitchen.

The Girlfriend in the GardenWe set traps. The pair, however, eluded us. We just couldn't catch them. And yet, six weeks later, still no babies.

We returned from Ride the Rockies to find Pierce and The Girlfriend making themselves at home in my veggie garden. Flattened flowers made me angry; corn stalks chewed to the soil and trampled onions pushed me completely over the edge. I was ready to throw Pierce and his girlfriend into a pot of boiling water, along with whatever remained of my garden.

Pierce DinerWe arrived home one evening not long after chasing the bunnies out of the garden to find Pierce and The Girlfriend frolicking in the front yard. The Girlfriend was trying to nurse. And Pierce kicked fiercely to keep the old-enough-to-be-weened baby away.

I'd always thought Pierce was a boy because there were no babies we knew of. So much for logic.

We seized the opportunity to fortify the fence and gates, but I expect Pierce and offspring will find a way to get back in.

"You wanted to live on the edge of civilization," The Lizard reminded me.

Yes, I did. And I still do.

But I don't want to share my veggies!!!
NOT for bunny consumption!


  1. Oh, Bunny :). Part of our beetroots are gone, too. Thanks to bunnies. That`s life here far away from big cities :P.

    I think I never could eat bunnies...

  2. The bunny is so cuteee!!!

    Now I want a bunny.

  3. They're awfully stringy in stew... *Grins*

    Freakin' cute, though, even if they are pure garden gnome-evil when it comes to hashing your veggies.

  4. Neferi, I don't think I could eat a bunny, either.

    Yulian, you can have both our bunnies!

    Ti, the fence fortifications seemed to have been successful. But now we have 'coons...

  5. cute bunny, but not when it eats your veggies. :(

    Thought you would like the waterlilies :)

  6. What a bunny story! Ha!

    So nice of you to ... er ... um ... share your garden with Pierce et al :)

  7. Seems everyone around here has to keep fences around their gardens cuz the bunnies do want more than their fair share, lol. Your wee Pierce is adorable though!!!

  8. That's funny. Maybe It's Pierce and his boyfriend. No babies for that possibility. Funny Bunnies.

  9. Oh no! I feel your pain about the veggies, but Pierce is also really cute!

  10. I don't have a garden so I don't know how hard it is to keep the cute bunnies out.
    I guess you humans will have to come up with some clever way to protect your vegetables:)

    Great series of shots of Pierce and his friend:)

  11. Good luck with that! I think bunny shall prevail but your veggies are going to a cute cause, maybe not a good one but a cute one none the less.

  12. Great bunny photos! I love them.

    I finally went to raised beds with cages over the top to keep the few veggies that we grow for us! Actually, the cages had have tiny metal grids (1/4") to keep the birds out...

    Please, don't make bunny stew!


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