30 July 2010

For here or to go?

Monitor Peak, Windom Peak, Sunlight Spire, Sunlight Peak, Vestal Peak, Mount Eolus and Arrow Peak in the Weminuche WildernessA friend recently asked me about some Weminuche Wilderness pictures he found in a magazine. Our families combined have created many adventures (and photos!) together over the last decade. When we get together, rivers are crossed, trails are hiked and mountains are climbed. Conversations with him always make me drool. I always find myself fantasizing about what we'll be doing next.

I've ventured into the Weminuche three times but have not climbed or thoroughly explored there, where a trio of remote 14ers and a ton of jewel 13ers await. We talked about doing a 14er or two in August. The level of excitement was audibly rising, and everyone within earshot could hear us bubble as we made tentative plans.

Another friend was listening. This particular friend loves to be included in conversations, even when the language seems foreign.

When he heard us talking about doing a 14er, he excitedly offered, "I'll do a 14er with you!"

Surprised beyond words because this friend doesn't get outdoors much, ever, we assured him we'd pick the easiest 14er in the state, and we'd stay with him the entire way. We couldn't believe we were going to get him outside enjoying nature!

"What is a 14er?" he suspiciously asked.

"A 14,000-foot tall mountain," we replied in unison.

"How far up is that?" he queried.

"About 7 or 8 thousand feet from Denver," I replied.

A very long and uncomfortable pause ensued.

"That's okay. You two go without me," he said, slowly rolling his eyeballs off his cheeks and back into his head after recapturing his breath.

Turns out he thought a 14er was a new sandwich.

Dig in!


  1. That was quite a misunderstanding ;)

  2. That is completely hysterical and I am so eating lunch with your friend at a safe altitude! Love it!

  3. I'll take one of those sandwiches please and a glass of iced tea.


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