14 July 2010

Wordless Wednesday

You Make My Antlers Curl!
You Make Me Want to JUMP!
Fall Rut Training


  1. Wow, those are some interesting antlers. Beautiful photos ... that last one is so majestic!

  2. Good photos today. I like the way the buck in the last one is kind looking at you going "huh? did you say something?"

    By the way, i never realised you had an etsy shop! Good work!

  3. Beautiful! I've never seen fuzzy antlers before...

  4. Very nice! I love their antlers! You got so close!

  5. Great action photos of the deer, and detail on the velvet.

  6. Beautiful photos!!

  7. He looked right at you for that last one! Great set of photos; happy WW :)

  8. You caught them at their very best with these shots! Love the water splashing... can almost hear the head-butting...

    These are great!

  9. I love the wonky antler on the one deer, what an interesting subject for photography.

  10. I love the furry antlers. Beautiful photos!

  11. These are just beautiful, and I love how you captured them in velvet. Not too many people get to see that.

  12. "Wordless" Wednesdays always leave curious me with lots of questions. But first, amazing photos. What velvet!!!!

    Did you actually see the deer with the messed up antler sparring with another deer so you know how the antler was messed up?

    Now, that would be really amazing.

  13. KB, please, ask all the questions you want! I will always try to answer, even though I'm supposed to be wordless. :)

    From what I've heard, when elk (as in these photos) and deer have such deformed antlers, it either is hereditary or caused by injuring male parts while jumping over sharp objects, such as barbed wire fences, while the antlers are forming. (By the way, I've read the antlers can grow up to two inches per day!)

    When I first noticed Curly Horn, I thought he might have a mosquito, the way he was jumping around. But then after seeing him spar with his buddies, I realized he just has a bit of September in him already. He's ready for the rut, even if the females aren't!

  14. Great captures! Perfect for this WW! Thanks for linkin up.

  15. You have never felt something as soft and velvety as one of those fuzzy antlers. One was left in our garden one night, and it was amazing.


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