15 July 2010

1,781 Days

Day 1 2010 RtRThere's something really cool, outstandingly awesome, about riding two 25th anniversary bike tours in my 50th year.

2006 Tour de SunflowersThere's something totally indescribable about Riding the Rockies with the one I love and sharing my passion for riding with someone who loves the event as much as me. Someone who gets up at 2 a.m. every first Sunday in February to check the newly released Ride the Rockies route. Someone who walks on air with me for the next 28 or 29 days each year while we wait to find out if we've been drawn. Someone willing to commit to the training required to prepare for a week-long bike ride, giving up other interests for four months to pursue a common goal. Someone willing to do all the trip driving so I can knit or crochet in the car. Someone who zooms to the top of a peak or mountain pass, then returns to my side to tackle the climb again with me at my snail's pace.

2007 WeminucheThere's something phenomenally special about getting drawn for Ride the Rockies for the first time as a married couple. Something in addition to being able to sleep in the same tent without the premarital "hands-off" policy we endured during our first Ride the Rockies together.

2008 Self-Portrait ChallengeThat was five years ago. I've always made jokes about the reason The Lizard proposed to me on July 3, 2005. I've always teased that the only reason he asked me to marry him was because he was forced to share a tent but not a sleeping bag with me during the 2005 Ride the Rockies. He wanted to get married on the 5th, two days later! We had to wait for my bishop to get back in town from his vacation.

Five years ago today, I finally got to say, "I do." And I still do.

Thank you, Lizard, for five wonderfully magnificent years. May the future hold many more Ride the Rockies tours, wildflower tours, autumn leaf tours and cross-country skiing tours. Let's keep building these magical memories!Hobbitville


  1. Awesome. You too look so happy.

    Wishing you wedded bliss always x

  2. I seriously totally completely understand.

    Well. Maybe not about the RtR part, but about the gift of having a partner part.

  3. I love, love, love that first photo. And, this cute story. Happy anniversary. You have clearly found your soul mate! :)

  4. You are just about the happiest looking person I have seen all day. Happy anniversary year!

  5. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary, you two... I'm ridiculously happy for you both.

    You're radiant in the photos- the friendship and love you share is glowing from the inside out.

    Happy trails, always.

  6. What a sweet story and Happy Anniversary! It's wonderful that you two have something so special to share together. And since you're married, you can rub Ben-Gay on each other's aching muscles after the ride is over for the night. =) I love the photo of the sunflowers with you two riding in the background - that one should be blown up huge and framed. Spectacular!!!

  7. What an uplifting post. Wonderful. Congrats to both of you on finding each other and recognizing it!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! You sound so happy and at peace. How wonderful you found one another. I hope it's an amazing day for you both.

  9. Beautiful pictures, and the last one with the mushroom is outstanding..I'm glad you had fun!

  10. congratulations to both of you.

    Keep going :)

  11. Congratulations :). I think you and L are lucky and happy.

    Word verification today is HOPEA in finnish = silver......like my husband´s hair.

  12. WOW happy belated Anniversary!! You sound like you guys are a perfect match! The mushroom photo is TOO funnY!!


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