09 July 2010

Piece o' Cake

my unofficial SAG wagonI celebrate two anniversaries this month. The first one is tomorrow. This blog turns one year old. !!!

Tomorrow also is the Triple Bypass. And that was the first real topic I blogged about last year. What a way to celebrate!

Although I love to write, the time commitment to build, design, manage, maintain and passionately keep a blog up and running was horrifying one year ago. I didn't know if I could do it. I didn't want to try, then fail.

And now I've sort of found my niche, I've had fun, I can't imagine not doing this, and I've made some very awesome friends along the way. My life is richer because of this blog. I hope in some way, it makes your life better, too.
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  1. Even though i don't do any bike riding at all, i love to read your blog. Call it living vicariously :)

  2. Congratulations on the blogoversary! And best of luck on the bypass. It just sounds terrifying to me!

  3. Happy anniversary, I have had a lot of fun reading your stories :). It has been like a road movie far away, too.......

  4. I'm so glad you kept blogging! I love how you remind me of my former biking days (on waaaay flatter ground), and reading your blog makes me want to get back into it. :-)

    Happy Blogversary, Deb! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos and prose with us.

  5. I'm ever so glad you took up the torch and started sharing your adventures, your photos, boundless creativity and amazing view of the great outdoors! You've taken this medium and made it your very own- and the blogiverse is better for it.

  6. congrats to the anniversary. And sure it is fun. To meet peopel around the world. With many different interests. One learn a lot.

    "The kids" are grown ups now, but still likes to climb a rock. Rock that is, not mountains. :)

  7. Happy BlogAversary! I, too, love your stories, your photos and your snowflake creations from a hook and thread.
    My life has been blessed by your blogging.....thank you, Deb!

  8. Double congratulations!! It is a pleasure read your posts, extraordinary pictures, and I can feel that you love life! Thank you! Brazilian kisses.

  9. Happy belated blogoversary! I agree, I've meant the best people this way! And I can't imagine my life without it. :)


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