03 January 2023


Ooooh, was I naughty!!!

No, I did NOT buy another amaryllis bulb. However...

And not just one, either. I bought two whole packages of hyacinth bulbs!

I thought they would be fun to force indoors in water throughout the winter. And, big plus, I can put the bulbs in the garden as they finish, and next year, they will delight me again!

I think I remember this happening the last time I tried indoor water forcing. I was so disappointed. I couldn't even smell the heavenly hyacinths! So, this bulb is out in the raised-bed flower garden now, and fingers crossed it might have enough oomph to bloom again in four or five months. Instead of putting the rest of the bulbs in the water one by one, I put them all in one of my salad bowls, and we'll see if perhaps I might get a bit more color and aroma from the rest.

I also was quite naughty again. I had to go to the closest home improvement store for another drainage pipe for the backyard project...

..., another squirt bottle (for the indoor plants) and a dowel with which to hang my father-in-law's Christmas present.

All kinds of bulbs blocked the store entry I normally use. Half-price bulbs. Some showing hunger to grow. I walked away with a bag of splashy daffodils. Half the bag graces the counter behind my kitchen sink now. I need to find a sunny space for another pot packed tight with more bulbs.

There were tons of tulip bulbs, and oh, how I love tulips. But deer eat tulips like candy. Deer (and rabbits) (and squirrels) don't like daffodils. I was super naughty and made another trip to buy another bag of unusual daffodil varieties after Christmas. And I was SO weak!!! I bought THREE more bags. Now I need to get rid of some of my hoya clippings and Mexican snowball containers. I don't have room for all the bulbs I'm using to brighten our winter!!!

Fortunately, I can put some of the daffodil additions into the bricks in the backyard project. (Actually, there's probably enough to put one (or more) bulb in each brick!!! I really was quite naughty. But all were half price!) Maybe daffodils might even keep the squirrel(s) out of the bricks!!!

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