10 January 2023

Polar Memories

I recently discovered this live feed from Toledo, and it brought back such wonderful memories of my kids when they were young, I had to share it with all my grands.

Both my kids are adopted. I gave them each a stuffed polar bear for Christmas the year Snow and Klondike were born. Both my kids seriously identified with Snow and Klondike, Denver Zoo polar bear twins abandoned by their mother Ulu. I vaguely remember hearing a news report, perhaps in the last year, that recent discoveries have led to doubt as to whether Ulu truly abandoned her cubs, but I can't find that story now. I did learn it is difficult for polar bears to breed in captivity, they have shorter lifespans in captivity, and it's common for any wildlife mother to abandon and/or eat her offspring if she is unable to feed them or if the babies have birth defects or are weak.

The abandonment of Snow and Klondike hit a chord with my kids because both of them had been abandoned by their birth moms. My kids named their stuffed animals Snow and Klondike, and not a singled family trip was taken without those two cuddly bears for many years. Now, nearly 30 years later, both my kids are raising kids of their own, and I'm hoping Crystal's polar bear twins in the Toledo zoo help enable my kids to share some of their most precious childhood memories with their children.


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