24 January 2023

T Heaven

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Hard to believe it was just six years ago I begged for no more T-shirts. Now that I've been wearing T-shirts nearly every day for the better part of three years, many from my collection have seen their better days.

Others have become SO boring.

Some just don't fit anymore.

And some of the remaining most beloved have been put away to prevent them from fraying, staining, stretching, fading, cracking...

I think a long-deserved T-shirt quilt is coming in my near future.

I raided my basement T-shirt stash, which was supposed to be set aside for future quilt projects, early last year because I needed newer-looking T-shirts I can wear while working from home and subject to unscheduled Zoom conference calls. I don't want them to wear out, too!!! I began looking for new T-shirts every time I go anywhere, which still isn't often, but so out of character for me. I bought a T-shirt at a gas station while on the way to stay with my mother-in-law in May.

I looked for T-shirts in South Dakota when I visited a handful of my grands last summer. I found several I loved, and a few would even be conference call appropriate. But I couldn't afford them!!! I told Lizard I would make a T-shirt of my own when I got home. I fully intended to craft one of the two way-oversized pocketed Carhartt T-shirts I picked up during a garden shopping trip into my own version of Bear Country's winter bear T-shirt. The bear was embellished with snowflakes. Right up my alley, right?

Before I could whip up enough snowflakes to applique onto the shirt in the shape of a bear silhouette, Zazzle put its T-shirts on sale. So I created a few new designs, and oh, do I love my newest T-shirts!!!

Now I'm thinking it might be nice to have a couple more new (long-sleeved) T-shirts, or maybe even a hoodie. So I played in AI until I got just the right bear silhouette, and I created a new design featuring a few months of my digital 2021 temperature quilt! Now I want to do some other animal silhouettes, too!


  1. T-shirt and hoody, there's nothing better to wear. :-) I'm just wearing a hoody from Herndon (VA) Middleschool. Love it!

  2. Oh, fun! The bear shape turned out great.

    I still have all my Bike MS tees. The first year (2013) is my favorite - the fabric was softer and drapier that year. On a couple of them I cut a scoop neck and added coordinating binding (orange on one, turquoise on the other), and hemmed them up a bit. I love wearing them in summer.

  3. I have a few T-shirts I absolutely adore, Sue. They are wearing out! I need to stop wearing them and just cut out the parts I love the best and make them into a quilt. But will the quilt last longer than the T-shirt??? :O


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