18 January 2023


We've got about eight inches of snow on the ground right now with another storm expected tomorrow and more on Sunday. So I've been stuck at home, which isn't a bad thing and isn't all that abnormal for us anymore, with a tiny bit of time in the evenings to polish off that final Hawaiian Punch block.

Yippee!!!!!!!!!! 19 years in the making!

As I was tying off the final knot, I noticed, perhaps for the first time, how pretty the back of the block turned out. And that got me wondering how the backs of the other blocks look. All blocks are white on white floral on the back, and all hand-stitching matches the pastel on the front.

I'm now beginning to play with my very first ever curved flying geese. If my test piece turns out okay, I will try to ring around the compass, then fill in the gaps with more of the white background fabric.

If my curvy geese don't look so good, I'll just do straightforward geese as a square frame around the compass, and if that's what I end up having to do, I'm just fine with it. Curves would be awesome because they are still new to me, but I love geese, so I don't care if my geese fly straight or fly in circles.

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