29 March 2022


Tomorrow marks a solid year of us walking every single day. Thursday begins a new year. I haven't decided yet whether to continue keeping track. Sometimes it feels pretty neat to look forward to each new milestone, like 500 days, 1,000 days... But sometimes it feels like one more thing I have to do. And this year I've been trying to pare down unnecessary tasks.

Many of the walks the past three months have been indoors due to weather/ice. I can't afford risking Lizard falling.

Many of our walks the last month have been the length of our house because his non-bionic knee (his humorous term) is acting up again. We visited the ortho specialists again, and thankfully, surgery is not recommended. Literally, thank heavens.

Now we wait to see if insurance will pay for joint lubrication. If not, we may have to pay out of pocket. Whatever happens, we have to keep walking. Activity is the key to slowing the progression of Parkinson's. Both of us are determined to beat this monster back with every ouce of strength and resolve we can muster.


  1. Keep on walking. Hopefully, your insurence covers at leas some of the costs. All the best! Regula

  2. Go you guys! You are both amazing people! And I am all for paring down what we have to do (but why is it so hard? :))

  3. I love it!! and Right? i love the stats,, but sometimes not the actual keeping track of them


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