10 March 2022

Neverending Lizards

No, it's not done yet. Sadly. But it's getting very, very close!

I used up a ton of my green batik scraps on the fourth segment backing of Lizard Toes. I finished quilting the fourth segment. I machine-stitched it to the third segment, leaving one edge of the backing free, which I then stitched down by hand. Then came the monstrous job of machine-stitching the two finished quilt halves together.

This beast is so big, I don't even have a space in my house big enough to display it!!! I could have put it on the driveway, but it's snowing, plus, it was late last night when I finished putting the halves together and four degrees outside. And dark.

This behemoth is so big (nearly 7 feet by nearly 7 feet), I'm not sure I ever want to make a quilt this large again. I quilted it in quarters thinking it would be easier than trying to manipulate all that leviathan on my little Sweet Sixteen Little Foot. Now that I've battled putting together four humongous quilted pieces on my domestic machine, I kind of wish I hadn't done it in QAYG quarters. Lesson learned.

I really don't mind the hand-sewing. But putting together the quarters on my tiny little Brother was an absolute bear. And the pins kept poking me!!!

I'm glad I decided to try to get a shot of the quilt on the bed because the sight of it there gives me courage and enthusiasm to finish. I still have to hand-sew the backing over the center seam, then I have to trim the edges and bind the quilt. I love the binding stage because it means I'm almost finished. However, I've got a lot of ends to bury in this big baby, so I'm still not sure I'll even have it done by the end of this month!!!

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  1. Wow, it's huge! And amazing. Won't you be glad when the last end gets woven in?

  2. Great work! :-) You can do it and if not, who cares. All the best! Regula


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