24 March 2022

Big and Done

Because our driveway still has a bit of snow, I thought we might be able to get a full-view photo of my finished Lizard Toes at a nearby playground. Gale-force winds carried the quilt down from the jungle gymn and right into a collection of goose poop. So, I didn't have to wait for heavy use to throw this giant baby in the wash.

The only other place I could think of for a photo was the inside of our garage door. I clipped it up there, snapped the photos, then threw it in the wash again. So now it's a bit softer on my bed, and I love it more each and every day!

I had forgotten I still use the pillowcases that match the sheet I used for a quarter of Lizard Toes' backing. I'd used most of the sheet as backing for grandkid quilts a few years ago. The sheets had been designated for the recycle stash thanks to a few worn-out spots caused by Lizard's restless legs... back when he could actually sleep in the bed. The pillowcases that match four sheets I've used as quilt backings still get regular rotation on the bed, and I was rather thrilled to see the purple pillowcases shout out in harmony when I decided to use the backside of the quilt as the top this time around.

Now I just need to finish putting the grommets in the rest of the leftover fabric so my bedroom curtains will match the back of the quilt, too!

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1 comment :

  1. Stupid goose....leaving a mess close to the playground...
    But your Quilt is Ah!Mazing!!!! I love it - it is so perfect for you!!!!
    it has been really cool watching you create this lovely piece!!!


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