21 March 2022

No Flake Monday

Last week was beyond busy with work, taxes, work, time change sleep difficulties, work and backyard snowmelt drainage, plus what may be our most important neurology appointment to date happening perhaps as you read this, so I didn't get a chance to write this week's pattern. The flake is done, but not stiffened. I barely even had enough time to shoot any of the individual specimens that piled up to 12 inches on St. Patrick's Day!

Nevertheless, I did get about 30 shots at the very end of the storm. I had to keep putting my sheet of glass in the freezer for ten minutes at a time because the outside temperature wasn't cold enough for the swirling crystals to last beyond one shot with my flash, which doubled as melting medium.

March and April are our snowiest months. The flakes were big, fat and fluffy, loaded with moisture, which is so needed. Some flakes are not as delicate and lacy, but you can sure bet they provided just the magic my garden needs!

We are expecting up to another six inches today, with flurries through Wednesday. Although I'm ready for my daffodils, hyacinths and grape hyacinths to start coloring both the front and back yards, I hope the snow will keep right on falling often for another six or so weeks! I just hope I get some snowflake shooting time each storm...

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