08 March 2022


A few years back, I bought the cutest little lavender growing kit. I fell in love with the purple metal watering can, but I knew it would rust if I put anything directly into it. So I used a black plastic cup whose origins I do not recall and stuck a few small rocks from the garden into the bottom to give the soil proper drainage.

The seeds that came with the kit never sprouted. I ended up buying a tiny little lavender plant and transplanting it into the black plastic cup. Once it was big enough to go outside, I began putting volunteer grape hyacinth from the backyard into the cutest little planter in the house.

A couple of years later, I hadn't learned a thing, and I bought another indoor lavender grow kit. Same song, second verse. I bought a package of lavender seeds the next time I was at the nursery, and the only seeds that sprouted were in my outside garden. I ended up transplanting volunteer grape hyacinth I dug up in my backyard into the terracotta pot.

Every year now! Once the bulbs are big enough, I transplant them into the garden. And they always end up making more volunteers in places I don't particularly want or need them to grow. But one can never have enough grape hyacinth, right?!?

Prior to Lizard's first surgery, by golly, I did it again. This terracotta planter was similar to the second one, but it actually SAYS lavender on the outside. I thought that was adorable. I'd learned my lesson, but I thought I might plant more volunteer grape hyacinth if the seeds didn't come up.

Of course, the seeds didn't come up. I had a few leftover lavender seeds, so I put them in the pot and stirred up the soil a bit. Still nothing. Then shelter-in-place happened, and I kind of forgot about the indoor lavender, even though it has been on my work-at-home computer desk all this time. Last fall, I stirred in some lavender seed heads from my garden, not really expecting anything to happen.

Last week, when I began digging up a few of the new volunteer grape hyacinth that seem to thrive in the rocks near the house, where there is nothing but clay that doesn't get watered by me (they do get rain and snow...), I was going to start over in the third lavender pot. But to my surprise, two of my homegrown seeds had begun to sprout!!! And now, there are FIVE!!!



  1. Success at last! Even though you can never have too many grape hyacinths.

    Thanks for all these lovely photos. They did my heart good.

  2. Good luck with the lavender plants. May they grow from tiniest to big!


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