31 December 2021

Best of

I was scrolling back through my published posts when I came across a memory from 2021 that is one the best highlights of my year. I decided a trip down Memory Lane might be the best way to end what has been a challenging year.

I planned to do a top ten list of my own favorite blog posts for 2021, but I had a few honorable mentions, too:

  ●  Finding my adopted daughter's best childhood book fair entry.

  ●  Another milestone for Lizard.

  ●  And you can never have too many milestones...

And now, on to the real countdown...

10.  Getting jabbed was far from my favorite accomplishment this year, but only because it didn't bring about a permanent better situation. I'm still glad I got vaxxed, and I'm still hoping for the day I can freely visit family again.

9.  Making hot chocolate bombs for all the grands for Valentine's Day was a real treat. Especially the leftovers!

8.  Our sixth annual Snowflake Ball was the first virtual event I did on my own outside of work.

7.  I was so thrilled to capture pretty awesome photos of a hummingbird right through my window!

6.  And what could possibly be better than hummingbirds?!?

5.  I didn't remember writing this year's White Friday post last year, and after I read it the second time (shortly before it was due to be published the day after Thanksgiving), I was excited about my blog again and so thankful I haven't fallen to the temptation to let it go yet. I'm so thankful I'm able to try to look for reasons to smile when the world has me down. I'm grateful my blog can document that.

4.  Every tiny improvement Lizard makes goes down as an AWESOME day, in my opinion.

3.  Lots of good days with our new mini lavendar farm, even though it's not finished yet.

2.  Probably the second best day of my entire year.

1.  I saved the report of my best day ever for Thanksgiving. And it's still my best day ever!

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  1. A Happy New Year to you! All the best and my your wishes come true. Regula


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