26 November 2021

White Friday

This is the first time I've composed a White Friday blog post not knowing for certain whether I want to write it. Two years ago, in 2019, I wrote what I thought was a very fun White Friday post, with no idea whatsoever how awful 2020 would be.

In very late November of 2020 as I write this post, I am full of intrepidation, not sure if things will ever get better. If I will care about keeping a blog by next Thanksgiving. If it's a bad idea to plan anything that far in advance anymore.

And yet, we did have snow three days before White Friday in 2020, and a bunch of the white was still hanging around. I didn't have to go anywhere to find white. I crafted white, but I didn't have to. I could have spent the entire day walking in the snow and taking pictures.

Deep down inside, however, I wanted to spend every dime I could to help businesses that had been hurting nearly all year long. I wanted to go cross-country skiing on the Grand Mesa. I wanted to spend the holiday with my family.

Instead, Lizard and I worked on his physical therapy and his speech therapy. We took a short little walk on a remote and relatively unknown (but local) trail. We enjoyed turkey leftovers alone together. And we spent the entire weekend doing what we had been doing on weekends all year long since about March 15. Staying home, and staying away from people.

It's not a day, a weekend or a year I'd like to repeat. And yet, I don't want to focus on anything negative. I want to remember the strength we built trying to overcome two major surgeries, Parkinson's, being alone and trying to make do with what we had not because we didn't go shopping, but because we were on a skeleton budget the entire year, as were many.

I want to celebrate being thankful for something every single day after August 2020. I want to celebrate the beautiful snowflakes I was able to capture with my camera both before Thanksgiving and after. I want to celebrate being able to take care of my husband while working from home.

I want to be thankful, not just today, but every day.

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  1. In our parts of the world, the newspapers are full of ads for B Friday sales,
    but also full of articles why there shouldn't be a B Friday sale at all.

    Today is a White Friday as we have snow. The landscape looks beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend!



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