16 November 2021

Skirting Around the WIPs

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My newest little niece has finally arrived, and her quilt is in the mail!

I'd already featured Annalee's quilt back when I finished it (a full two months early -- gotta be a record for me!!!), but then I found this perfect background for a butterfly quilt photo. I've been anxious to share the photos, which, by the way, were taken in the predawn prior to a dental appointment! The photos are lit by street light! These little camera phones aren't bad!!!

I also finished a project I dreamed up last year but never had the time to actually sink into it until last weekend. After the side effects from my booster shot wore off, of course!

I have dreamed of creating a tree skirt with my crocheted snowflakes for at least a dozen years. I hoped one day I could come up with a pattern for an all-crochet version, but in the interim, I wanted to create something akin to my 2015 Snowbike quilt.

I thought I could crochet all my favorite snowflakes, then appliqué them onto deep blue velvet or some other challenge-to-sew fabric, and possibly even come up with a new edging design for the tree skirt. I might still do that some day. But it won't be this year.

I think it was last year I discovered Zazzle has a tree skirt template. Immediately, I thought I could create a photo of the tree skirt I wanted to stitch, then have the photo printed on the Zazzle product. But even re-crocheting my favorite snowflakes the last couple of years has been a challenge. I've had weeks when I can't even finish a new snowflake design.

Last weekend I finally had some quiet time to play in Photoshop. I rephotographed all the finished snowflakes in my stash on the blue batik background I liked best for tree skirt hue, then played in Photoshop for 13 hours. I confess I had motivation: the tree skirts were on sale half-price. Everything else I wanted to finish last weekend got put on hold, either due to post-booster shot exhaustion or this project. I wasn't sure I could make the midnight deadline for the sale.

I finished on time, and I ordered my tree skirt. Then I realized I haven't been able to put up a tree in the house in the last couple of years due to Lizard's special needs. So I'm not sure I will be able to use this tree skirt once it arrives. But I'm going to have fun packaging it up as a gift I hope will be treasured! And I may even have to recruit some of the neighborhood wildlife for a photoshoot so I can come up with another dynamite Christmas card for this year. Ha ha!

I guess this means I now have to finish my *other* tree skirt, too...

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