28 September 2021

Too Late

I was SO excited to capture this shot through my window! The following weekend, I bought some clearance coneflowers, hibiscus (that don't survive our winters), red hot pokers and blanketflowers to put in the landscaping bricks I've been using in my terracing project.

I planted the new acquisitions right away. I was hoping like crazy to capture more sweet hummingbird shots through my window while I work.

Alas, I guess I waited too late in the season. I haven't seen or heard a hummingbird since. I think they've flown south for winter. You can darn sure bet I will have more red, pink, purple and blue right outside my bedroom window next summer!


  1. Beautiful flowers - and oh man!! what a great shot!!!! I assume you will frame that!!!

  2. Beautiful shot. There are no humming birds in Switzerland. However, my father-in-law feeds them in Nova Scotia. :-)


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