02 September 2021

Disappearing But Not

When I first began stitching these bright solids together, my mind was trying to visualize what a double-disappearing four-patch might look like. It seemed like a good idea. I don't remember seeing one done by anyone else. But I didn't want to ruin a perfectly good quilt back.

So I played around in Photoshop before committing to more slicing.

Lizard very firmly opined. "Don't do it!"

So the bright disappearing leftovers four-patch, measuring 44" by 66", gets to stay the way it looks in the photo at the top of this blog post. I'm not disappointed. I think it might be the perfect backing for Tiny Triangle Leftovers, made from leftover triangles from hundreds of projects over the years. I'm really trying to use up my scraps! It just doesn't feel sometimes like I'm making munch of a dent!

I haven't worked on the HSTs for quite a while now but have amassed about as many more triangles to assemble as the ones that are already done. I've been leaning toward a 16-patch sampler for a bit more than a year now. I could change my mind when I begin actually piecing the blocks together, but that's the nice thing about stewing. Sometimes the ideas just keep getting better and better, the longer you wait.

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  1. SEW many fun ideas for those HSTs!! I'm glad Lizard vetoed the double part of the D4P. The double portion makes the design a bit too chaotic.

  2. Lizard has a good opinion ;-) I do like that top photo tho - in the solid it gives you that transparency look - that will be cool!


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