19 January 2021

Baby Steps

Lizard balanced on one foot for about two seconds last night. That may seem like no big deal, but he has not been able to balance on one foot in more than two years.

His sense of humor and his trademark playfulness are returning, too. I have to clean the kitchen floor a lot more often now because he just doesn't have the finger dexterity anymore to hold onto his food while trying to transport it to his mouth. I was making jokes about all the popcorn pieces on the floor as I cleaned over the weekend, and he began tossing popcorn at me! Cutest thing he has done in more than two years!

I am SO thankful to have my husband back!


  1. It is in the smallest of things we get so much joy. God Bless.

  2. That is great news that things are improving indeed. If you don't want to clean the floor, get a dog. After the whole potty training stage, floor will stay licked clean lol


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