26 October 2021

Baby, What a Big Surprise

I chopped down (or pulled out of the ground) all my sunflowers as the petals fell off this year to prevent (I hope) another forest next year. (Although I absolutely love sunflowers!) I made a huge pile in the backyard in one of the areas I hope to terrace this season. I expected to compost the now withered and crunchy sunflowers, along with all the spent bachelor button, cosmos and lavender mint plants and seed heads from throughout the year.

One day, I noticed, through my window as I worked, finches feeding in the sunflower pile. I took a few photos but wasn't horribly pleased with the through-the-window quality. During my lunch hour, I sat still outside on the retaining wall with my camera waiting for the finches to return (because they took wing the instant I stepped out the back door). About 20 minutes later, I got something even better than finches!!!

I got a few more shots before they found unguarded faire elsewhere, but nothing outstanding because, it turns out, blue jays do not like people. They are social, but not with humans. Everything I could find about attracting blue jays said watch them from the window. I also learned they don't like to share their food. They will intimidate other birds.

They may scare other birds away from the feeders, but they sure sparked interest from winged creatures within earshot.

I stopped feeding the birds and the squirrels and the raccoons earlier this summer because I couldn't keep them out of my tomatoes, even with a makeshift scarecrow made of old clothing worn out by me and by Lizard. I'd be willing to tolerate squirrels and raccoons (as long as they stay away from my tomatoes, which are dead now until next spring) for the oppotunity to get better shots of these guys and gals! They have the most beautiful wings! Definite quilt inspiration!

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  1. These are beautiful photos. Its amazing how birds find food anywhere ;-)


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