28 October 2021

Frosty Finish

Twin I Quilt really doesn't have a name, but I guess it could be Snow What Fun, which is the name of the fabric line.

Whatever it ends up being called, it's done!

This quilt started as beginning patchwork lessons for my mother-in-law. I've now found the most perfect charm pack for her that hopefully will inspire her to start her own first real quilt. I also found a perfect charm pack for Twin II. Neither charm pack is here yet, so I can't show them. But in addition to finishing the first twin quilt, I also got all my selvedges stitched together into a couple of crochet-able (or knit-able) balls. Second time this year I've prevented the mountainous pile of selvedges that tends to linger and volcanicly grow in my collection for years.

When I was showing my mother-in-law all the fun things we could do with disappearing four patches and disappearing nine patches, she asked how I would do the quilting. I told her little snowmen might be kind of fun. She liked the idea, so I played with a line drawing in my head for a couple of weeks while I was too busy to quilt, then practiced the snowman drawing on the actual quilt. Not all my snowmen are perfect, but you can tell they are snowmen, and I think more projects like this will help me continue to develop my longarm skill and confidence.

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  1. Adorable quilt - but I really like those snowman!!!

  2. Lovely quilt! Christmas is coming closer. So I'm starting to think about the quilt I am going to make at my friend's house like I did the years before.

    Have a nice weekend!



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