24 November 2020


We have survived some of our scariest times in 2020, as have many worldwide. We haven't just muddled through. We have survived. We are stronger. We are closer. Our faith and our hope have been strengthened and nurtured.

Halloween was our scariest yet. The night before, the toilet backed up into the tub. And I thought bailing *clean* snowmelt and rain water from the window well was bad!!!

I learned there is a difference between a plumber and a drain cleaner. It took a couple of hours to find someone who could/would come, and we had to wait overnight. The guy we got was awesome and did his best to contain the basement flood when he began cutting through tree roots that decided our pipes were the best source of food, especially in the drought conditions we've been experiencing. We've now been advised to have the pipes cleaned annually to prevent this from happening again.

I didn't realize we had run out of plastic bins to replace cardboard boxes last time this happened. (Yes, second time tree roots have done this to us. The first time happened while we were on vacation about 13 years ago. We discovered quite the mess when we got home.)

Four cardboard boxes got wet with ick on the outside Halloween weekend during the drain-cleaning process. One box was filled with my old hand-written journals and paper photos. The others had paper records from my father-in-law's estate, including deeds as far back as 1902!!! (These boxes had never been opened.)

We lost all four cardboard boxes, but I was able to save all the contents. Not a single document or photo was lost. Not a single grocery receipt from 1943 was lost! (All the receipts, of course, have now been recycled.)

The bathroom and basement have been thoroughly Cloroxed and are now cleaner than they have ever been. The final bill was about a third of what we were initially quoted. It could have been SO much worse.

My bank card was hacked two weeks ago. My bank caught it immediately and reversed the fraudulent charges. Things could have been SO much worse.

I've been praying for more than two decades to know what I could do to nurture the bond with my adopted and now grown kids. The relationship with my daughter has been steadily improving. I'm still making payments on the trip I bought for Lizard and myself and for my daughter's little family to California for my niece's funeral one year ago. We were a month away from Lizard's first surgery, and the expense was a huge sacrifice. It has been more than worth it. I am so thankful I took us all to see my parents in what may be the final time some family members get to see each other in this life. My daughter has been renewing relationships with all my family and they with her ever since, and she texts me frequently now, sometimes just to say, "I love you."

My son is slower to come around. He doesn't really consider me the mom anymore; he reunited with his birth mom many, many years ago, and she IS his mom. He sends me a message about every six to twelve months (we used to have three-year gaps), and it's usually because he needs something. As soon as his needs are met, he disappears again. I keep praying, however, that our relationship might one day improve, and that I might somehow be a good influence on him.

Last week he contacted me in need of emotional support because he'd gotten himself into another bind. Because it perfectly fit the situation, I sent him the scripture and spiritual thought our missionaries had sent me that day. Thanks to the virus, for many months missionaries haven't been allowed to teach the way they traditionally did, and all missionaries have had to come up with creative ways of staying in touch and serving. I look forward to a new scripture and spiritual thought from our missionaries each day.

After reading the scripture I sent, my son, to my surprise, thanked me for helping him find peace again. He asked if I would share our missionaries' message with him again each day.

Hey Sister Snowcatcher! The verse we wanted to share with you today is found in Revelations 7:17: "For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."

We enjoy this verse because it holds the peace of Christ. His doctrine and His love is that living water that will forever quench the thirst for truth that all our souls need. We also like the part of how God shall wipe away our tears. We have that truth right now, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. Sometimes we shed those tears or have those struggling moments, but through Christ, His word and gospel, we will feel that peace the Prince of Peace extends to all.

Last summer, I was unable to have groceries delivered to my brother and his family after he was laid off halfway across the United States. Delivery was not available where they live. They knew what Lizard and I were going through with Lizard's medical expenses and would not accept a check or gift certificate.

My brother has since found another job, but his hours were cut again recently as virus numbers surge. Last weekend I was able to have all the fixings for a turkey dinner delivered to them without their protest because they didn't know it was happening until moments beforehand. And it turns out Thanksgiving is my brother's favorite holiday.

2020 has been many ugly things to many people this year. But 2020 has enabled us as a people to be able to serve others, sometimes far distant from us, in ways we could never imagine in the past.

November typically is a difficult month for me every year. But I'm trying to stay focused on the positive this year. All year. I waltz through this month with a heart full of Thanksgiving and songs of joy in my soul and hope to be able to share that with others.

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  1. How wonderful that your relationship with your daughter has come so far! God bless you for being such a blessing to others.


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