05 November 2020

Eye Candy

I used to spend hours playing in Photoshop when I got off work after the autumn time change. I don't watch much television, and we couldn't ride or hike in the dark, so playing with photos was an awesome way to spend time.

My old laptop gave out in about 2016, and the new one wouldn't run some of my most favorite Photoshop filters, actions and add-ons. The kaleidoscope filter probably was my favorite. I built more than 2,000 electronic snowflakes with that program! I've not been able to find anything close to it. There are tutorials demonstrating how to do hexagons manually in Photoshop, and it takes some math. I've tried a couple of times. It was so much more fun (and so much faster!) with the filter!

If only I knew how to write programs!!!

I think some of these would make a terrific quilt, don't you?


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