17 November 2020

Baked Green Tomatoes

Back in October, I brought in all my potted tomato plants (six big ones and six little ones!!!) to save them from the overnight freeze. There were plenty of green tomatoes on those vines, and I wasn't about to lose a single one. Have I mentioned tomatoes are my favorite food???

Have I mentioned tomatoes are Lizard's least favorite?!? Loves pizza. Loves spaghetti. Loves Tex Mex chili. Doesn't like tomatoes. Go figure. But that does mean I get his...

I didn't know if the tomatoes I brought in would ripen soon or take their time, or if they would even survive at all. I didn't know if any of the plants I brought inside would continue to produce inside. I've tried a few times in the past in the living room, where I have a picture window and grow lights and a pretty decent chill when the temperatures dip.

This time, I've set up the grow lights in the basement, and I have the plants beneath the window well that used to leak after every single storm. It's the only window well that gets a bit of sunlight each day. At least when the sun shines. The basement temperature is constant, and I didn't know if it would be warm enough.

Now that the tomatoes have been in the new indoor garden about a month, I'm enjoying about three or four fresh tiny little red, orange or yellow tomatoes each week. The beefsteak tomato plant does not look like it's going to do much, but the grape tomato plants seem to have adjusted and are actually blooming. I pinch the new blossoms each day.

I had several green tomatoes on the raised-bed garden vines, too, and I wasn't about to lose them, either.

I plucked the green outdoor tomatoes, sliced them, dipped the slices in cholesterol-free liquid eggs, dipped them in a whole wheat flour/quinoa/almond flour mix, sprinkled them with parmesan and asiago, then baked them in a tiny amount of avocado oil.

The final result was... not quite like what Mom made when I was young. They were okay. But they weren't like what Mom made.

So I called my mom. Got my dad first, and he told me how much he loves fried green tomatoes. I never knew!!!

Mom told me it's probably because I didn't fry them. Well, that probably is true, but we don't fry here at the Snowcatcher cuisine. So baked will have to do. Although I might not get another chance until first freeze next year...

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