19 November 2020

Little Miss Best Dressed

Someone started kindergarten this year, and Grandma intended to make some new outfits prior to September. Lizard's August surgery and 2020 in general got very much in the way. Yet Grandma finally found some sewing time, and Little Miss has a whole new wardrobe! With a few extra unplanned accessories...

Most of the dresses were made with fabrics Grandma had on hand, but there was a bit of yardage she mail-ordered specifically for her little horse lover. All the dresses were made with the same pattern because it's the only one Grandma had on hand that would fit, and she didn't have time to or want to go shopping for more. Jumpers are fun, though, because they may be worn alone, with a T-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt or even a sweater over the top for a variety of different looks.

Grandma didn't have enough fabric leftover from every dress to make a matching mask, but there were plenty of fabrics in Grandma's stash for a variety of masks, too.

Grandma had a big stack of white washclothes she had to order in too big a bulk back in the spring during shelter-in-place when Lizard could take only sponge baths. Only a fraction of the washcloths were used, so Grandma dipped into the stash to make some bibs for Li'l Man, who made his debut two weeks before Lizard's August surgery.

There was enough skull fabric to make a Halloween dress, a mask, a bib and masks for Mom and Dad, too.

Grandma had fashioned curtains from her kids' bedroom windows two decades ago into a quilt for Li'l Man prior to his arrival. There was enough of one fabric leftover to make a couple more accessories, too.

Little Miss likes the box the gifts came in as much as the gifts.

An Elsa dress means, of course, an Elsa braid. Mom reports someone's kindergarten class was deeply impressed.

All the dresses are twirly. (And Little Miss wanted to show Grandma her new backpack.)

The skull dress didn't get to be worn prior to Halloween, unfortunately. Three of the dresses, including the skull dress, wouldn't fit over Little Miss' head. Grandma had to mail-order premium stamps to send to Mom so Mom could return the three misfits for alterations, then the waiting game began. Snail mail is taking a lot longer these days.

Grandma finally received a package from Mom, and alternations could begin. Grandma opted for a quick fix and got the dresses back in the mail to Little Miss this week.

Thankfully, Grandma had also fashioned a second Halloween dress from a piece of sheer shimmery spiderweb fabric from her own handmade costume about a decade earlier. She knew her granddaughter would adore it because Little Miss' favorite color is purple. Little Miss wasted no time accessorizing the backup costume and collecting plenty of treats while matching Mom.

Of course, Grandma had to whip up a little dress to match a big dress. She hopes one day to get a photo of both dresses on their respective models together, in person. For right now, Photoshop provides the loving bond.

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  1. Replies
    1. Too busy, actually, Regula! My goal was finish one quilt each month this year, and I'm about eight quilts behind, with no quilting at all in the last two months!

  2. Little Miss is darling (and Grandma SEW went overboard on the new wardrobe!!!) Lucky, Little Miss.

  3. How fun to sew cute dresses. I've made a few for my granddaughters but fitting is always an issue.

  4. Oh Little Miss is so lucky to have a grandma that sews and that can such amazing creations!! LOVE the photoshopped photo of the two of you - precious!


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