14 June 2020

Ride the Rockies Memories - 2003

Ride the Rockies this year, which would have begun today, has been postponed to next year. We realized shortly after the announcement of this year's route back in February we would not be ready. In addition to other health challenges, Lizard got a new knee in December and had an emergency procedure related to that in February. Working back up to any mileage is slow and sometimes repetitive, so we actually were so happy this year's route will be offered next year. We love it and didn't want to miss it!

We miss riding, and we miss the vigorous training required. But now we have a whole year to see if we can do this again. Regardless of what happens, we have memories to last a lifetime. (Although we're always happy to add more!)

2003 was my first Ride the Rockies, and I had no one to ride with that year. (But that is how I met my dear RtR friend Melody!) The route introduced me to areas of Colorado I did not know existed. I carried a big, heavy film camera that year. All my paper photos had to be scanned (back in 2003) because I had digital squat back then. Still one of my favorite rides of all time! Definitely my favorite RtR shirt!

(EDIT: Found out this morning after this published my SmugMug slideshow does not work, at least on my browser or my phone. So I had to hastily throw together a new slideshow with all auto settings and no customizations. Darn!!! But now I know I need to redo the rest of the week, too... Yikes!)

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