30 June 2020

Petal Quest

Lizard and I haven't been able to get out of our house, except for medical appointments, since April 29. We're hoping things will change next week. In the meantime, we've both been having high altitude withdrawal for two whole months.

Saturday morning, I took us for a short drive to a foothills trailhead we thought might not be as crowded as trails within the Denver metro area. Surprise, surprise; everything is crowded.

So we went a bit further, found a small meadow near a little pull-off, and Lizard was able to walk about 15 feet with his cane. The biting flies were voracious, and the wildflowers were a bit parched, thanks to our drought-like conditions and extraordinary heat. But I found a few joyous colors that lifted my soul.


  1. Great that you could get out and see some color. Yeah, everything is crowded these days.

    1. Thanks, Pat. I wonder what it will be like when we finally are able to get it again!

  2. Oh I am with you - everything is crowded - but look at those amazing shots! that had to be good for the soul!!

    1. It was music to the soul, Alycia! Now that surgery is done and successful, perhaps we can get out there again one day!


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