23 June 2020

Time Flies

I don't get to go much of anywhere these days, and that's not really a complaint. It just means I haven't had many photographic opportunities other than my garden and what I see out my bedroom window while I work.

It also means I've had plenty of time to practice my time lapse photography skills. One of my biggest lessons this year has been that not all flowers bloom once cut.

And some of them bloom, but take a super long time!

So I guess that means one of my biggest lessons in floral time lapse photography is to plant what I want to photograph in a pot and leave it there. Don't cut it!

But even that method doesn't necessarily work. My poppies are in a pot. I brought the pot inside and put it under my indoor garden grow lights. FOR. THREE. DAYS!!! One particularly stubborn blossom got beat by a sister blossom that wasn't even in the camera's frame when I started. The teenage blossom I wanted refused to open until I put it back outside on the porch. Then it popped open in about ten minutes. Who knew flowers could have such personality?!?

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