17 June 2020

Ride the Rockies Memories - 2012

My 2012 Ride the Rockies almost wasn't. Training was going so well. I was in the best shape post-emergency back surgery in 2004 that I'd been in eight years. Then some kids bouncing on fence posts knocked one down right in front of me while I was on a training ride.

Down I went, somersaulting over my bike, breaking camera equipment, my helmet and my wrist. I didn't find out until after completing Ride the Rockies (with more pain than I started with) I'd damaged a couple of discs in my back, too.

2012 was a repeat of 2005 for me... trying to learn how to cope with disc pain all over again and trying to rebuild miles too soon. I wasn't able to do the MS-150 that year because of the damaged discs, but I was back on my bike in time for the Fall Blaze. I completed 40 miles of the 100-mile course, with lots of climbing, lots of joy and tons of tears made out of pearls of hope.


  1. Oh my goodness, it doesn't seem that long since all this happened - I remember it so clearly! How can it be eight years ago?!? Oh, the excitement when you finally got the cast off....

    And the very next year we rode Bike MS together. ­čśô Dang, time does fly.

    1. Yes, I was thinking I might have to do a two-week-long MS-150 memories series, Sue! Because I think I did 18 of them!!!


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