20 June 2020

Ride the Rockies Memories - 2017

Well, it's the end of my seven-day tribute to what would have been this year's Ride the Rockies tour. We went from my favorite tour yesterday to my most disappointing tour today. My 2017 Ride the Rockies was more owie heartache.

While training in April, when I should have been trying to get up to 50 miles per day, my elbow pain was holding me solidly at 30 miles per day, and I'm still struggling with that today.

I got taken off my bike for three months after going in to get my elbow checked because... it wasn't mouse elbow. It was my neck. I had no clue. And it could have been dangerous.

I had successfully booked hotel rooms for each night of the ride for the first time ever, and we were so stoked not to have to sleep on the hard ground or shower in the trucks (which are very well-kept... but no privacy, and the lines typically were pretty long). No more blue rooms. We would have our very own restroom each night. And a bed and pillow!!!

Not being able to ride didn't change that. It did change my perspective on what it takes to pull off a weeklong tour like Ride the Rockies. I drove the route each day, prior to most riders hitting the road so I would not endanger them. Personal SAG vehicles are requested to take a different route when possible for the safety of the riders.

My initial plan was to ride a stationary bike in each hotel each night, trying to log as many of the day's miles as I could. Only two of the hotels had stationary bikes. Construction on some of the roads prevented me from being able to stop for photos. And driving the route just isn't the same as pedaling the route.

We had one rest day, and Lizard took one day off to spend with me, so I had two delightful days with him, and he had the ride of his life.

Now he's the one with serious health issues that may prevent him from ever doing any bicycle tour again. I hope our 2017 Ride the Rockies was not our last. I will never give up hope. Here's to 2021!

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