22 November 2016

Three of Seven

Making progress! Noah's quilt is done! And this one is actually on my list for this quarter's challenge!

The back of this one is yet another retired bed sheet. There was enough sheet left over after Noah's quilt that used the black for the back of another quilt, too, all sandwiched and ready to go.

From a design aspect, there are things I would do differently if I had Noah's quilt to do over again. But I'm so excited to be done with this one because it has the most perfect points of any quilt I've ever done... not all the points are perfect, but almost all of them. And this was the second perfect binding I've ever done. I think I could dance and sing all day!

And I do plan to make another similar one at some point. I've been chopping all my purple/violet leftovers into charm squares. But now that I've got all three boy quilts for this Christmas done, no more new quilting projects until I finish at least seven more existing WIPs. Well, except for Remington, who is due to arrive in January. Because I just don't have any more boy quilts on my WIP list!

I probably won't be able to finish all four of the girl quilts by Thursday, which was my initial goal, but my husband has to work, so we can't make the trip to deliver these in person after all. At least not this long weekend. I'm still holding out hope I won't have to mail them, and the mailing deadline is something like December 10th. So I have until then...

Noah's quilt is awesome, and I loved working with all the grays from start to finish. But now I'm ready for color. All four girl quilts are rainbowy, and I can't wait to quilt some fun colors again now!

Took a break from snowflakes on the train to make a gift for Baby Molly, too. I hope to meet her next week!

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  1. Sure turned out grand, even with no ninja turtles lol sure a rainbow of colors will be fun to work on too.

    1. Thanks, Pat! It definitely was fun matching up the blocks with solids from my stash, trying not to use the same border fabric twice. It was more fun than putting together a puzzle!


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