18 November 2016

Friendly Friday


  1. Great thing to do indeed, showing still plenty of good people at many a feed.

  2. Mine's not so much a comment as an earnest plea. I am absolutely in love with your snowflakes, been trying (without any luck)to contact you to purchase your book, I think it was called Sea Quell also to send you a donation and having just found your lampshade am really desperate to make a start but feel I cant until I've sent you a donation I am so pleased to have found you. THANKYOU VERY MUCH

    1. Thank you, Bruneljack, and welcome!

      The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has wrapped up their fundraising for the year. I think most of the staff are volunteers, and they close out the books for the year early so the volunteers can have the holidays with their families. I have written to the NMSS to ask if there is any way I can set up a new donation page before January because this is snowflake season, and potential donors are asking where to donate. I will publish the new link as soon as I have it. In the meantime, please email me at snowcatcher at att dot net, and I'll see if there's a way to get Sea Quell to you. Thank you!


Dusty words lying under carpets,
seldom heard, well must you keep your secrets
locked inside, hidden deep from view?
You can talk to me... (Stevie Nicks)

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