29 November 2016

November Gain

This year's extremely mild autumn spoiled me. I didn't want to let go of my outdoor flowers when the first snow and first really cold night finally came a couple of weeks ago.

I chopped off some of my cosmos and zinnias because they were so full of blossoms, I couldn't bear to let them freeze. I didn't know if they would bloom indoors in a vase. The only way to find out would be to sever them...

It took a few days, but some of the cosmos did indeed bloom!


  1. At this rate you'll have flowers blooming all year long.

    1. Well, maybe through the end of the year, Pat... :)

  2. I loved how late my cosmos bloomed this year, didn't think to bring any in tho. :)

    1. Mine were super late, too, Amanda. If not for our fabulous weather, I wouldn't have had a single one because they didn't even start forming buds until about mid-September this year.


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