08 November 2016

November Surprise

After returning home from Washington state in September to find many of my plants done and two consecutive nights of 24 degrees in October, I can't believe I'm still seeing fresh flowers in November! Is this weather awesome or what?!?

Biggest surprises of all include the broccoli and rhubarb, which suffered from grasshoppers all summer long. Now I might get a bit of broccoli in my salad for lunch one day, and I might even get to make a miniature strawberry rhubarb dessert for my rhubarb-loving hubby!

I chopped off all but one of my beloved pepper plants when we got back from the Deception Pass Classic because they looked done. Even the lone pepper remaining before we left had withered and had to be composted into the garden, which I hope the seeds might take hold next summer. I brought the pots of unpickled peppers inside and planted more pepper seeds in four varieties. I didn't expect to see any pepper blossoms until February or March.

The unchopped plant, which had just one leaf when I brought it inside, has sprung about 20 new leaves and three little jalapenos!

And one of the chopped plants sprang a new branch, which now is sporting my first November pepper blossom! Four more are on the way! I think this one is cayenne, but I won't know until the now duly pinched blossom becomes a pepper.

And those dahlias I lost back in October? The ones I tried so hard to save? Well, they are REALLY confused!!!

The Christmas cacti are going at it a little early, but you won't find me complaining!

Oh, and although I haven't been shooting every sunrise this month, we have had some phenomenal skies!


  1. Wow, most are dying off around here and yours is still spreading some cheer.

    1. Freezing again tonight, Pat, so fingers crossed they make it thru a one-night cold spelll...


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