15 November 2016

Back in TIme

We took all the functioning cameras with us for the Deception Pass Classic. Yes, every darned one of them! We didn't get to take many pictures on the way to Washington through Yellowstone National Park on Day 2, thanks to an interstate road block on Day 1, and we didn't take many photos during the actual bicycle ride because... well, because we were riding!

The cameras went into full throttle after the ride, though, most particularly during our quick drive-through tour of Yellowstone on the way home. I shared some of my Little Cam vacation shots (plus a few more gems here) and Big Gun highlights a few days after we returned. Life got very much in the way of photographic pursuits for the next six or so weeks, and my Big Shot Nikon has been patiently waiting in the closet for the day I could afford to smother it with attention.

Last Saturday was that day.

Just look at all the secrets my newest used camera has been keeping!!!


  1. You sure got many a critter as they roam and graze away indeed. Most stopped and posed too haha great shots.

  2. Oh my gosh, that baby bison is cute! What a deer post. :D

    I think we saw wild pronghorn antelope as we crossed Montana - some kind of antelope anyway. They were out grazing in the vast fields, often alongside more domesticated animals.

    When we were at North Dakota Badlands on our way home, all our batteries died. First Mr. M's camera, then mine. Then we started scrounging around for devices - his phone, the tablet. Used 'em all up. But we did get photos one way or another!


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