12 July 2016

Waterton Surprises

So, if I guess peaches, would I be right???

We've been discovering all kinds of new things in Waterton this year.

Last month, I thought I found apple trees halfway up the canyon, but I couldn't tell for sure what the fruit was because it appeared to have such serious frostbite damage.

The fruit is still growing, even though it doesn't look very appetizing. I'm beginning to think they are peaches. I'm open to suggestions, though.

I cannot believe we've been riding Waterton together for 12 years without noticing the peaches before now. During my most recent ride, I didn't notice the ladybug in one of my peach photos until after I'd downloaded all the photos.

I'd also never noticed the grapes growing up the peach trees!!!

Of course, it goes without saying I'd never noticed visitors relaxing in the peach trees because I didn't know to look more closely at the peach trees.

I've seen deer in the canyon, and I've taken several awesome deer-near-the-water photos. I've done more than my fair share of baby geese and baby ducks in the canyon. But I'm not sure I've ever found baby waterfowl and mama-to-be deer in such close proximity before.


  1. That visitor sure looks comfy in the peach tree, not sure I'd want to get too close though.

  2. Nice photos. Considering its proximity to a large urban center, Waterton is quite magical.

  3. Shiver. Glad the snake was feeling relaxed and not aggressive!

    The fruit are very interesting. They do look peach-y (in a manner of speaking).

    1. Yes, I'm rather happy the snake wasn't feeling territorial, Sue!


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