14 July 2016

I've Got the Blues

Oh, look! As if blue strawberries were not enough, now you can get blue watermelon!!!

Never fear! Amazon FINALLY is taking action! But is it the right kind of action??? They are suing companies that sell fake 4- and 5-star reviews.

Okay, so SOME fake reviews might end up being deleted. Don't hold your breath. Does that mean fake products will continue to be sold?

You tell me. From what I can find, the fake market is wide open, as long as consumers are foolish enough to buy.

Here's a great article on how to spot fake reviews.

Not to be confused with satirical product reviews...

Even Amazon has its own favorites!


  1. haha yeah, you take one fake review site down and more pop up. Amazon could fix it waaaaaay easier but they won't because they make too much $$$ off of it. All they'd have to do is require a credit card to leave reviews. Poof, those guys with 40,000 fake amazon accounts would be out of business.

    1. Too bad they aren't a little bit more pro-active Pat. Too bad trust isn't a bigger goal.

  2. I wondered sometimes when I review glowing review after glowing review if the company or product was having people they knew or paying people to leave positive reviews. I do think Amazon has something on their reviews that says something to the effect "certified buyer" or something that indicates perhaps someone actually did buy the product? Reviews can be so subjective too.

    Thanks for visiting :)


    1. Absolutely agree, Betty. I think it's good to be suspicious of just about all reviews!

  3. *sigh*

    Where did you get your Venusian avocado, by the way? ;)

    1. Ha ha!!! Bought it on Amazon... Ha ha ha ha ha!


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