22 July 2016

Friday Funny

I got a big kick out of some of the comments when it was announced Kirk's dad George is coming back from the dead for the 14th Star Trek movie.

"This could be VERY interesting if they use the Guardian of Forever. George Kirk becomes Edith Keeler, and Kirk and co have to decide on whether or not to save George or preserve their own timeline." - LogicalLeopard

"I'm waiting for the day the Enterprise and the millennium Falcon rush in to save Battlestar Galactica. We all know the imperial storm troopers and the Borg are just Cylons in different costumes." - Basil A

"So... Kirk jumps back in time and saves his Dad from the time-traveling Romulans, sending them back to the past... But in doing so, Kirk reboots the rebooted reboot and we're back to only Gene Roddenberry's original universe..." - Chaz Gomez

"He's dead Jim!" - Aquamarine

"Pass....this 're imagining' guts the original characters of any relevance. The logos and the names are used to sell the 'Star Trek' product, and the rest is just SNL-level parodies of the original cast. This is a McDonald's Happy Meal promotion, disguised as a movie." - Don

"Can't wait to ignore this entirely." - Aar

The spelling on this next one had me nearly rolling on the floor laughing...

"There's only one 007: Shawn Conroy ---- Let that be my new 'Star Trek' comment." - Bill H

"STAR TREK: The search for Non-Binary Gender Compliance...." - DasUberMaus

"Once upon a time, an audience would go to a movie knowing only just enough about the movie to spark their interest and they only knew the actors from their previous roles. Now, not only are the plots leaked before movie is even done filming, we get set photos, know the DIETS of the actors and know nearly every aspect of the actors' lives (via social media). Myself, I don't WANT to know anything about the actor, I don't WANT to know everything about the movie. Where is the romance? Where is the anticipation? Where is the mystery? I think this is something that the current generation will really never get the pleasure of experiencing. Now, let me get back to my typewriter and whiteout." - Tracy

"I wish they would put MORE of the original cast in somewhere, like the Enterprise is under attack, an old space freighter pops in to help, and the crew is who is left of the old original crew." - Concerned Citizen

"Don't want to see a Bandaid on a hole in the Star Trek family." - A Yahoo reader

"I am excited as I love this reboot of the franchise, but so sad about Anton Yelchin. I'm sure they'll do a great job, but it won't be the same without him :( " - Jacinth


  1. haha that sure is a lot of rebooted rebooted-ness going on

  2. I'm with Tracy on this one.

    We saw "Beyond" this weekend (it was decent) and I figured they were setting up for the next one when the Enterprise had to be re-built.

    These timeline mixups drive me nuts. It was the same with the "Back to the Future" movies. It all gets out of hand.


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