21 July 2016

Something Fishy

Two days ahead of a road trip to meet our 14-month-old granddaughter for the first time, I got this wild idea to make a mermaid tail for her. Her mom, my adopted daughter, had hinted to me a few months earlier she'd really like a mermaid tail. For herself. She never said anything about one for the baby!

When my adopted kids were still young, I'd tell people I didn't have kids. I had fish. My kids would pedal 50 miles in a day, as long as I'd let them play in the river along the way whenever they got hot.

I wondered if my granddaughter will be a water baby. I'd just learned she'd not yet been in a pool or a fountain, and a swimsuit was on my list of potential gifts for her.

So with less than 48 hours but with a ten-hour drive looming, I decided to race the clock and see if I could finish a properly sized fish tail for my little grand merbaby. Actually, she's not that small. She was a big baby, and the first several dresses I made for her when she was born were too small. A couple she was able to wear only once before outgrowing them.

To help me with the sizing, I bought a cute little pink cupcake outfit for her in size 24 months. I wanted her mermaid tail to double as a warm sleeping bag come winter. Her mom doesn't really care for the frigid winters where they live, and I suspected baby would be just like mama.

I began the first round, the waistband, on the train two days before the road trip. I didn't get to work on it during my lunch hour, and I did a lot of frogging and redoing on the trip home that night. I tried several different versions of the crocodile stitch before settling into a rhythm with which I was comfortable. I think I finished four rounds that first day.

The next day, the day before we left town, I finished six more rounds on the train. I was making progress.

On road trip day, we got up at 3 a.m. It takes me 45 minutes to container water the indoor plants, the garden in the front yard and the three raised-bed gardens in the backyard. My dear husband always shines one of the bike lights on me when I have to water anything in the backyard in the dark because we've had several bear visits, and I'm a fraidy cat in the dark!

We hit the road at 4, and I couldn't crochet for another two hours because I didn't have enough light. Fortunately, that meant I could sleep just a little bit more! Which actually helped me stay awake the next 8 hours as I tried to hook faster than the car could drive.

We pulled into town at about 3 p.m., just as I finished the final round of the narrow tip of the mermaid tail. We took my daughter's family to the local department store, where Grand Merbaby got a Frozen swimsuit with a mini tutu and an Ariel swimsuit that perfectly harmonized with the mermaid tail she hadn't even seen yet. Oh, and we had to get a package of swim diapers...

Then I picked up a solid color of yarn for the mermaid fins, which I worked up at the hotel while my better half and Merbaby's daddy got to know each other. About half an hour later, we transformed my grandbaby into a mermaid!

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  1. She sure looks like one happy kiddo indeed. Enjoying it in all kinds of ways, even to take a nap on. And wow, that is a long time to water plants haha

    1. That is a long time to water every morning, Pat. It gets pretty discouraging when I'm training for Ride the Rockies!

  2. Oh what a sweet post! I love the pictures and that sure is a cute little mermaid!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I certainly am biased. I think she's just the cutest little merbaby ever!

  3. What an awesome mermaid tail! My sister made some for my granddaughters last year and they absolutely adore them. Every little girl should get to be a mermaid once in a while! Whoop whoop!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah, and how awesome that your granddaughters have mermaid tails, too. I agree; every little girls should be able to pretend to be a mermaid! What a fun way to grow up!

  4. She's so cute, and even cuter in her mermaid tail! Nice work on the train and in the car. I too have done a few travel-crunch crochet projects but nothing as impressive as your project. :)

    1. I think we've both done more than our fair share of travel-crunch projects, Sue. I think we've worked on a couple together in the same hotel during the MS-150... Ha ha ha ha!


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