28 July 2016

Colorado Trail

I'd love to hike o this one day. The Lizard wants to do it, too. Only he wants to ride the entire 500 miles in a non-stop, self-supported mountain bike race. This year's CTR (Colorado Trail Race) started last Sunday. The current record is something like four days and a few minutes. Holy moly!!! My husband monitors CTR progress every day each year. He LOVES this adventure!

By golly, whenever I ride 500 miles, I want to be awake and in daylight while I'm passing through. I want to see every bit of it, and I want thousands of photos to share!


  1. Mr. M was saying something the other day about hiking the Appalachian Trail - or at least part of it. Talk about getting away from it all! I hope that someday you and the Lizard can both fulfil your dreams about the Colorado Trail. :)

  2. Wow, really really go go go to get 500 miles in in that amount of time. Take me a month lol

  3. The current leader is within 30 miles of Durango as we type. He's also in some of the most beautiful, rugged and high mountains Colorado has to offer. He's probably spent more time above 12,000 feet elevation in the past 24 hours than below it.

    Hot on his tail (5 miles away) is a guy vying for the record. He started a day late and is riding as an individual time trial. He has captured everyone but the lead rider. If the time trialist hits Durango before 2:14 a.m., it's a new record. The current record is 3 days, 20 hours, 14 minutes.

    The time trialist started with the pack but had mechanical problems and started a day later as a time trialist after his bike was repaired.

    The current leader has won this race as well as the Great Divide Race from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.


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