05 May 2016

Next Best Thing to Being a Mom

The six-year-old neighbor I frequently gush over got a new baby brother recently. My favorite little six-year-old has been asking me to teach her to quilt for ages. She fell in love with some Eiffel Tower fabric scraps she found in my stash and asked she could make a quilt.

"I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris!" she squealed, holding up the pink fabric.

Pink Eiffel Towers don't exactly a boy baby blanket make, so I went through the box of fabric I've been trying to use up, give away and get rid of since my own adopted kids left the nest.

I found two cheater quilt panels that must have been intended for my own kids back in the days when dreaming of matching college degrees in oceanography was still on their maps.

The panels would be perfect for my neighbor and the new addition to her family. Simple, cute and fast enough to finish before the baby made a grand appearance.

We had about two weeks before the baby was due when we got started. I sandwiched the two quilts and glue-basted them, and she spent two nights quilting straight lines on the quilt for Baby Brother in hopes of finishing it before he finished cooking in mom's belly.

When we presented the finished quilt to mom, my little six-year-old neighbor wrapped it around her mom's tummy, then turned to tell me, "The baby's in there!", pointing to mom's bump. (Big Sister got a new hairdo and new lip gloss the day she finished her brother's quilt.)

Exactly one week early, Baby Brother arrived, and Big Sister's quilt had to take a break while things settled down at her house. (When I got to meet the baby, Big Sister pointed to Mom's belly and proudly exclaimed, "There's no one in there now!")

Two weeks ago, she finally finished her own quilt, and now, both Baby Brother and Big Sister are sleeping well beneath fishy warmth!

And now my little neighbor is anxious to use up those Eiffel Tower remnants...

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  1. You created a monster as she wants to make more and more haha cute how she said the belly was empty now. Sure they'll both be warm indeed.

    1. She sleeps with her quilt every night, Pat! I'm so excited to have helped her start a healthy addiction!

  2. Kudos to you for quilting with a kid!! You just never know where your tutilige will lead. This may become a lifelong passion for her. Nice work... Both of you!!

    1. Thank you, Joy! Last night she discovered my stash of pink fleece remnants in cheetah, zebra and camo patterns... I think I know what she'll choose for her next project!

  3. How fun to be teaching a new generation how to quilt. Congrats to you!

    1. Fabric manufacturers everywhere are celebrating, Jennifer! ;)

  4. So adorable that you are helping this lovely girl make such great life memories of such a big event in her life. And another future quilter has started her journey (her fabric loving journey that is!) :)

    1. It has been so fun to participate in this way with the bringing of a new life into the world, Sue!


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