31 May 2016

Birthday Bonus

Each year for The Lizard's birthday, we try to return to the Moab area, where we celebrate both the coming of age of my dear hubby and the anniversary of our first date, which was, of course, in Moab.

We'd begun planning this year's trip way back in January. Planning a desert trip in the dead of winter prevents warm weather common sense from kicking in full bore. Moab tends to be crazy busy in May, and insanely crowded to boot. It's still a great place to go, but as the bewitching hour approached, we grew somewhat hesitant to extend the traditional battle of Moab's annual fan club all over again.

The night before we were to leave, on a total whim, I looked up cycling trails in the San Rafael Swell area. Every time we drive to California or to The Wave, we pass through the San Rafael Swell and promise to explore there one day because the view is so beautiful from I-70. My search turned up a number of irresistible destinations, and just like that, we changed plans at literally the very last minute.

After I crafted a few more birthday bandanas for my favorite cyclist, we hit the road and discovered the magic of the San Rafael.

We had a welcoming committee everywhere we went.

Dieter and Wolfgang got to ride, too, and they were SO happy to emerge from cold storage!

Now I'm sort of hesitant to share details because we liked having some areas all to ourselves, and we don't want the secret to get out!!!

Needless to say, we spent four days in paradise, and The Lizard said he thinks we've found a new favorite place.

I am not sure it will ever top The Wave, but San Rafael Swell is SWELL!!!

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me


  1. Awesome you found a new favorite spot. Sometimes changing plans on a whim can bring great things. Even some lizard pals to watch the lizard zoom by. Cold storage looks to have made them a little stiff haha


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